Thanos lacks compassion?

Thanos Snap!

So, I saw an interview of Josh Brolin (Thanos, Avengers) and he made the statement that Thanos’ problem is that he lacked compassion. See the video below (starting at 8:01)

“He’s too callous. The Manifestation is callous.” Josh goes on to say that this is President Trump’s problem as well, particularly on the border issue, with children involved. Lack of compassion, too callous.

In reality, this is a foolish argument. When one shows compassion on one group, callousness will come to another group. Compassion is not unlimited in scope or supply. Compassion always has a cost. Let me give a few examples:

  1. Sinners. (for a Christian, this is a no-brainer) The great compassion of the LORD to allow us to come before Him, claim Him as Father, and claim His protection is truly the greatest possible compassion as far as I can comprehend. And it cost Christ His life on the cross. That the Father turned His back on His own Son, Forsaken and Dying on the Cross, Alone, in the Dark. That’s Callous.
  2. Abortion. A pregnant mother in distress gets the compassion of others as she faces an unplanned pregnancy. The trauma will be extreme. Let’s abort the baby. The baby feels the callousness. The baby is ‘in the way’ of the mother’s comfort. The baby will be destroyed for the mother’s convenience. That’s callous.

There are hundreds, thousands, probably millions of examples… when one thing/group gets compassion, someone else feels the lack of compassion: Spotted Owl/Foresters, my pets (snakes) / their food (mice/rats), etc. Sometimes the cost of compassion is not immediately clear, but taxing everyone to help a group is spreading some callousness around to show focused compassion.

Even simply my spending of my own time costs me something… and my family may find it callous toward them. Or, to show compassion toward some means I cannot show compassion toward others at the same time. Essentially, at best I’m ignoring someone, at worst I’m causing them harm, in direct proportion to the magnitude of compassion I’m showing.

To show compassion to illegal immigrants is to harm the poor in the inner cities, the taxpayers, the current recipients of welfare, etc.

Thanos’ decision to kill half the population is really compassion on half and callousness on the other half. It is precisely because he cared that he did what he did.

So, what did he lack? What trait? What thought process? What characteristic would have helped him do something reasonable?


Restpect for Life, Respect for Property, Respect for Law. These things would have resulted in a different choice. And today, if we respect, then our choices become clearer, and the emotionally charged cacophony is shown for what it is, simply compassion and callousness on different groups.

Don’t agree? I’d love to hear why! Leave a comment.

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You might be a redneck if…

your road is Cracker Swamp Dirt Rd.
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End Of Summer 2018 Update: Katie’s Health

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Donations Wanted

If you have old aquariums (mostly 10 and 20 gallon), rabbit cages, reptile habitats, etc. that you would like to donate to the KBC Nature Center (first floor of the Tower), we are interested in more housing for the animals.  If you’re interested in helping out more, or with something specific, we’d love to hear from you.  Call Jonathan or Laurel for more info.

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Kansas Bible Camp: The Nature Center

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Rick Khol has been faithfully overseeing the Nature Center and doing a lot of the preaching at KBC for years, and has recently felt Continue reading

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Celebration of Wayne’s Life

Yesterday, April 28th, we had a Life Celebration for Wayne.

Many people came to honor his life and to bless Genene.  The service was live-streamed, and is posted on Continue reading

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Precious Moments – Part Two

While we were in the St Louis area, about 7 pm, Laurel’s brother Eric called to let us know that their dad, Wayne Byrd, had been in a car accident, they suspected heart problems, he’d needed resuscitation, and was in the hospital and they were doing tests.

As we discussed what to do, got counsel from friends, talked to Eric, and prayed, we made the decision to Continue reading

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Precious Moments – Part One

We took this past weekend intending to drive to St Louis for a wedding, then back to Kansas City for a doctor’s appointment for Katie.  Since we only had five kids going, we borrowed Dad’s minivan (wow! a small group.)

We opted for the southern route from Hutch to StL, Continue reading

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Anniversary of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

and I noticed something odd about Bing’s description:

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