A good day…

Well, it has been a good day.

We are using the church’s minivan (not quite enough seats, but we’ll manage) to get around for now.

We started out the day with breakfast at a restaurant called the Dillard House (a very good place to eat).  It’s in Dillard, Georgia which is just down the mountain from where we’re staying in North Carolina.

After that we came back to the Byrd’s Nest (the house L’s grandparents lived in, and Wayne and Genene are in for now) and got ready for the memorial service.  It was a good service.  Some from each side of the family were there, and it was encouraging to see everybody and to be reminded of the Gospel, that God loved us enough to sacrifice His own Son for us!  Laurel did some special music and the Byrd/Smith kids sang Amazing Grace.

We came back to the house after a good hearty meal at the church.  Lee and Liz had asked that their ashes be scattered on their property in the same area that their pets had been buried, so the family who was still around took care of that.  Some of Lee’s ashes will be buried with his first wife, and some of Liz’s will be sent to her daughter in L.A.

When all was said and done, it seemed like such a small service/memorial for two such impactful and long lives…  I can’t help but think of Ecclesiastes where Solomon talks about the end of every man is the same, whether the wise man or the fool.  Eventually we’ll all be gone from here.  Even if we do ‘great’ things in the sight of other people, eventually we’ll be forgotten.

One of the poems that was read talked about saying goodbye, using the analogy of a ship.  Their ship has left the harbor, and shrinking in our view it’s disappearing beyond the horizon.  But, there’s a port it’s approached, and the ship has not lessened, it’s not really smaller or less significant, and in that port people are welcoming the ship.  As we cry here at it’s leaving, there is rejoicing there at it’s arriving…

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