A Replacement Vehicle?

Well, we’d like to drive home on the 8th of November.  But we have this issue…  our van is totalled and in Nashville.    I am fully confident that God has made a way for us to get back home, but we would appreciate your prayers for wisdom as we seek His will.

Just to give an idea, we’ve gotten some donations toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle, and are looking for something that would fit us and work for us long-term.  One van that we are looking at, the seller (a trusted friend of a relative) is asking about $3k more than we have available.  It’s a 1999 Ford Econoline, 12 passenger, in excellent shape.  If it’s God’s will, though, I’m sure He’ll make it obvious!

We plan to do a little more looking around, possibly find something a little older and closer to our price range.

Well, that’s an update on the van situation.

The cousins (Laurel’s brother Eric, his wife Beka and their children) left for their home today.  They live about two hours away, but probably won’t be able to make it back to the Byrd’s Nest.  We’d like to make it over to visit them, and we also had planned to visit L’s grandma and relatives in Florida.

God is faithful. He will work even this thing out for the good of those who believe!


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