An Explanation Of The Setting For The Last Pic

Well, the last pic, in which the new van is displayed, showed a cemetery visible. I thought it warranted a little explanation (plus I wanted to test using pictures some more).  Here’s the same place from a different angle.

2007_11_01_HicksChapelBaptistChurch_cemetary 013

The chapel in the background is Hicks Chapel.  Laurel’s ggpa and ggma used to attend church there.  Laure’s ggma was buried here when she died, and they had purchased a double memorial stone with her ggpa’s name on it also, but without the birthdate and deathdate inscribed.

We had the opportunity to stop by and see their memorial stone, as well as other ones more distantly related.  We also visited another cemetery nearby which had her great uncle and several additional relatives and friends of the family.

Anyway, while we were there, I finally thought of getting a pic of the van!  I’m a little slow sometimes….

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