Bass Pro Shop (and another Children’s Mercy appointment)

So, Sunday evening we drove up to KC for another appointment for Katie.  This is the appointment we had to postpone while in Florida a few weeks ago.

Katie’s numbers are improved from her last two blood draws (a couple weeks ago and about a month ago).  We are encouraged by that.  Hoping to continue to see steady improvement now.  We still haven’t really focused on dealing with the anemia, but feel like we at least know what Band-Aid works for her low Neutrophils.

We stayed in the Ronald McDonald House nearby

(that’s a picture from our room, a new garden space is being donated and built nearby) and walked to her appointment in the morning.

After her appointment, we headed home; stopping by Trader Joe’s and then by the Bass Pro Shop.

We walked around for an hour or a little more, and ended up not spending much…  but we enjoyed our visit.

We thank the Lord for Katie’s numbers coming up, and for Children’s Mercy, and for the Ronald McDonald House.  His provision for us throughout this has been awesome!  We thank Him also for the blessings so many others of His children have been to us, and pray daily that we will be a blessing, too.


Edited: to make poor grammar less poor… 😉

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