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Bass Pro Shop (and another Children’s Mercy appointment)

So, Sunday evening we drove up to KC for another appointment for Katie.  This is the appointment

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So we went to the Reptile Expo

It was neat.  I think we all enjoyed it more than we enjoyed the Landscape and Outdoor Living Show. This guy is huge… at least four feet long.  He was not for sale, is nearly as long as he’ll get, … Continue reading

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Back from Children’s Mercy

So, we made it back today! I did go up Sunday morning.  Took some things that I didn’t get packed for the girls in time on Saturday…  and since they rode in the ambulance to KC, they’d need a way … Continue reading

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First Ambulance Transport

This is a first… one of our children going by ambulance to a hospital. Katie is on her way, in this pic, from the Hutch Hospital to Children’s Mercy in KC.  At this point, we still don’t know what’s wrong, … Continue reading

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An Update on Katie’s Health

Laurel has posted an update on Katie’s health, you can read it here. Grace and Glory – KC Plan We went up a few weeks ago, and saw some trains at Union Station:

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Snowed In!

Well, it’s happened again. We were snowed in two days last week, and now we’ve got ‘blizzard’ conditions and are snowed in again. Today we probably could have made it to work, but I’m past the point of taking unnecessary … Continue reading

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More dead babies! Less taxpayer money! Yay!

In other little known news, Planned Parenthood killed 333,964 babies last year at the unbelievably low cost of $542,400,000.  What a bargain, eh?

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Wind Turbine Setup

So, last weekend we started setting up a wind turbine… Here are a couple pics of it going up…    

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Well, I finally imported from an old blog…  and it worked!  Who knows, maybe I’ll like WordPress…  😉 In other news, Davey and Barak had their first basketball practice today.  Their team is the Sabres.  They’ll be practicing twice a … Continue reading

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