End Of Summer 2018 Update: Katie’s Health

So, I haven’t posted in quite a while… just fill this part in with the usual excuses.  That will save me typing them out.  😉

Katie started getting Neupogen shots in the spring, to try to bring her neutrophil count up to an acceptable number (white blood cells that attack bacteria).  We also switched to a very strict AIP (auto-immune protocol) diet.

The combination prevented her from serving at Kansas Bible Camp this summer as on-campus staff.  That was pretty hard for her, as she loves the atmosphere and the fellowship and encouragement found while working side-by-side at camp.

The neupogen worked well, but her Neutrophil count has come up farther than we expected and is currently in the normal range.  We’ve been able to cut back on the shots, Praise the LORD!

However, we’ve had a diagnosis of pneumonia, several x-rays indicating it, several rounds of antibiotics not working as expected or hoped.  So today we went to see a pulmonologist at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City.

This time, we were at the Independence, MO facility.  I continue to be very impressed with Children’s Mercy… and if I ever get really sick, that’s where I’d like to go.  😉  They really are awesome.  And the décor is great!

After visiting with the pulmonologist, him taking a look/listen at her, talking with us about her history, etc… we have a few more things to test, a couple more tools, and some ideas to move forward with.  A very productive and helpful/hopeful day!

We continue to search for something that will move us all closer to a normal lifestyle, and help her get back to, or better than, what had been normal.

The Drive Home


We also are very grateful for God’s blessing in this time: the fellowship shared with us, the prayers on her behalf, the lessons in trust, and the closeness we develop in the midst of the fire.  We are blessed!  And we do appreciate those who pray for, or otherwise help, us in this time.

Thank you!

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