I am soooooo exhausted!

But, it’s been a good day overall.

We decided to go ahead and move forward on the van that was available…  after a good day’s work with Wayne, we stopped by to pick it up, but it wasn’t quite ready for us, so hopefully we can get it tomorrow.  He hasn’t found the brackets for one of the back seats, but tomorrow may reveal them.  😉  We will still owe on the van, but I’m confident God will provide what is needed.

Work was a little frustrating.  A three or four hour job took us about six or seven hours, and we aren’t really happy with the way it turned out.  One side of the countertop seems to have been made incorrectly and the joint doesn’t line up right.  Wayne will probably go back with some countertop repair filler to get it to look better, and once the tile is on, it will be much less obvious.  But, even with the trouble it was a good day.

I’ve been learning a lot about faith recently…  one of these days I should get a post specifically about some of my musings.  It should be entertaining, it might be enlightening, and there’s a remote possibility it could be infuriating.  Anyway, I think God has really been working on my understanding of faith (note the Calvinistic ‘flavor’ of that sentence?)

I think it’s humorous when people who don’t believe God is active in daily circumstances use phraseology that gives God the credit for the daily circumstances they don’t believe He’s directly responsible for…  that’s just a little ‘aside’, a bonus for reading today’s blog, I suppose.   🙂

Hopefully we can get the van tomorrow, and once again have a set of wheels….  then Thursday we should be moving toward Florida, and Monday or Tuesday headed back.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we work through all that God has put in front of us!


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