Kansas Bible Camp: The Nature Center

Well, we are attempting to fill a vacancy at the Camp this year.

Rick Khol has been faithfully overseeing the Nature Center and doing a lot of the preaching at KBC for years, and has recently felt he should cut back some.  We are going to step in and help out as much as we can with the Nature Center.

So last fall we cleaned up the first floor of the tower, got a lot of the paraphernalia washed and somewhat sorted and nearly put away.  Now it’s time to get set up again…

This means a good bit of work, plus getting some animals to fill it back up.  We also have some ideas for making it more interesting and attractive, and maybe educational.  🙂

Hopefully there will be more pics here soon… as we get things ready for the summer!  It’s exciting to be more involved this year, and also a little daunting considering current financial and time outlays.  This is not a huge step, though it feels large to us, and we’d appreciate your prayers as we go.  We thank the Lord for this opportunity!


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