Katie’s Numbers Improving

Her numbers are going up and that’s a good thing!  Her Neutrophil count is actually up into the normal range.  This is really good news, and we hope to cut back on the amount of times (at least) that she needs a shot.  Currently, she’s getting a shot three times a week…

We haven’t heard back from the NIH about our bloodwork and the possible genetics component in her health struggles.

Laurel made some wonderful AIP-friendly pizza.  It even had ‘cheese’ on it.  And a wonderful crust!  And it’s something that all of us could eat…  Our food journey is still something we’re figuring out, and finding some delicious substitutes is good.

Our family life is returning to normal, and progress is continuing on our house, spring cleaning, and getting our current living space more in order.

Work hours at Sturdi-bilt are back to normal!  We thank God for that.  Though the extra time off was useful, and the Lord provided wonderfully through His children to fill what we lacked, we are glad for the additional hours.

My brother Jeff visited for the weekend.  He made it a point to come by and help Laurel with her flowerbed moving project.  Those two newly planted spots, and that rock wall, are a very good start to the spring flower move.  Things are starting to green up!

We’ve also helped with a demolition and cleanup project of Lynn and Diane’s.  It has been fun (and painful – nail in the foot).

And, we are under the weather.  It’s head and chest junk, and Laurel has it the worst.  Hopefully we’ll recover quickly, and we’d like your prayers for Kate that she doesn’t end up with an extreme case.

Today is Maundy Thursday!  We remember our LORD moving toward the cross.  From our reading tonight (John 13 through 19 – skipping some sections), He went with full knowledge of what would happen.  John and Peter were nearby during parts of His trial, and people were talking about what was happening.  Jesus is a Teacher (that would make sense, because He’s the Word from God – Hebrews 1:1-2) and He really said a lot to prepare the disciples for His departure.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!


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