More dead babies! Less taxpayer money! Yay!

In other little known news, Planned Parenthood killed 333,964 babies last year at the unbelievably low cost of $542,400,000.  What a bargain, eh?

<rant> Are you worried about abuse of women?  How many of those babies were little girls that won’t get to take their first breath?

How many of those little babies felt the abortion happening?  Felt the pain as their little tiny bodies were torn apart?…  Could not comprehend why their safe, warm home had suddenly gone from a womb to a tomb?

No one makes the argument anymore that those babies don’t have their own lives.  That is so outdated and proven wrong so many years ago…  but yet people won’t stand up for these little humans being destroyed.

Think about it.  If it’s a human life, and it’s killed for convenience, what else is that but murder.

How many people are complicit?  How many teachers, advocates, politicians, doctors, nurses, corporations, etc. are complicit in these murders?  How many children must die before we understand? It’s a sick, sick, world… </rant>

Originally posted on Facebook… decided to duplicate the post here.
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