More Wind Turbine work done… and much progress.

Today, Dad, Davey, Barak, Josiah and I did some more work on the Wind Turbine setup…

We had it up on a pole last weekend ago (thanks to James and Wendy for coming over to help) but didn’t see any significant power from it, and it didn’t appear to be turning as fast as it should.

A couple days ago, I bought a deep cycle battery, hoping that having my setup match the instructions exactly would be the key.  It wasn’t.  Though it was nice to see the charge controller understand the battery it was now connected to!

So, my only remaining “I think this might be the issue” other than sending it back to the company was that the wiring or the wire in the pole (we’d used some previously installed grey wire) was shorting out, causing the Turbine to go into ‘brake’ mode.  We brought the turbine down, replaced the wire in the pole with some new 12/3 (will have to upgrade to 8/3 eventually) and put the turbine back up.

While we had it down, Davey was hanging onto it, and he turned to face the wind and it spun probably 10X faster than it ever had on the pole, which was a relief to me.

Anyway, once it was back up in the air, and we turned the manual brake off, it spun up, and quickly reached a speed that made more sense to us… This was a good thing!  A little more checking, and it appeared to be charging the battery correctly!

Unfortunately our inverter doesn’t seem to be picking up on things and converting it to usable AC current as it should.  I’ve got a couple ideas on this, but am thrilled to have the progress that we have.

We are learning a lot!  We continue to be amazed by the design our Creator crafted into this tiny world on which we zoom through space.  Harnessing the wind in this way is truly gratifying.

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