Precious Moments – Part One

We took this past weekend intending to drive to St Louis for a wedding, then back to Kansas City for a doctor’s appointment for Katie.  Since we only had five kids going, we borrowed Dad’s minivan (wow! a small group.)

We opted for the southern route from Hutch to StL, and when we got near Independence, Laurel pointed out that we were really close to where Laura Ingalls Wilder lived (Little House on the Prairie years.)  So:

You can see the original log cabin is no longer standing, the replacement is in process.

Our next stop was a truck stop a bit into Missouri.  We all thought it was impressive.  Massive.  Huge. Enormous!

We stayed with some wonderful friends in Missouri near StL, not far from the wedding location, and wished we could have visited many more.  Saturday, Nate and Tori were married (fortunately it did not go off without a hitch.)

Afterwards, we went to the reception, as expected.  While there, we received a phone call which shall be part of my next post.  Then we visited another dear friend.

We had a good time, deviated from our typical straight line of Home -> Goal -> Home, and I think we enjoyed our family vacation together.  We are grateful to God for these lovely times he gives us!  Precious Moments indeed.


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