Precious Moments – Part Two

While we were in the St Louis area, about 7 pm, Laurel’s brother Eric called to let us know that their dad, Wayne Byrd, had been in a car accident, they suspected heart problems, he’d needed resuscitation, and was in the hospital and they were doing tests.

As we discussed what to do, got counsel from friends, talked to Eric, and prayed, we made the decision to head to Florida as soon as we could.  We were packed, in the van and on the road by midnight.  Shortly after we were on the move, we got the call Wayne had finished his classes on this earth and graduated to Glory.  It was a heart attack, followed by him drifting into a fence.  Resuscitation. Transport. More resuscitation.  Heart cath.  But he was probably already gone.

And so, we made the drive to Florida.

About halfway through the trip, the minivan started acting up.  We will get it looked at soon.

As we drove, Laurel made a couple posts on Facebook to update people and ask for memories of her Papa. Facebook Post. We read comments that were made, and enjoyed the memories of Wayne that others shared there.  Thank you!

It is amazing to us how many people, from how many different stages of his life, commented on his Godly character and the Agape love God demonstrated through him.  He truly impacted thousands of people, positively.  Words that show up again and again, humility, kindness, love, mentor, faith, smile, encourage, teach…  He poured his life into others.

I remember working with him outback, he and four other guys. We were loading the hayrack.  It was hot.  We worked several hours.  It’s one of my favorite memories of camp!

I think he used those times to teach us young fellows.  Those times with him were wonderful times of teaching, training, and exampling Godly character.

He loved to work with his hands, and given some time would find something to fix or some way to help and bless those he was with.

We will miss him greatly.  But! from Psalm 115, “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his godly ones.”

And so, that moment, when Wayne passed into Glory, was one of those Precious Moments.


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