So, on the topic of faith…

I’ve thought for a while that we (Christians in general) lack faith.  This shows up in a few ways…

We worry.

We don’t ask for the elders to pray for us and lay hands on us.

Our prayers always leave an ‘out’ just in case what we’re asking isn’t God’s will.

We see a tremendous lack of obvious miracles, and most of the healings and tongues and such are obvious fakes.

I’m not gonna address each of these issues now, but here’s the text for a song by the group Georgia that we got to hear while we were in North Carolina.

Do you recall that certain chapter
Where pharaohs’ men were after all of Israel and made God’s people flee
God drowned pharaohs’ men and the children crossed upon dry land
I’m tellin you God’s gonna do the same for you and me
Well I believe He is while other’s just think He was
While they suppose He did, I know He still does
And I’m holdin to the promise where two or three agree
God’s gonna do the same for you and me
Well He healed ole Jirus’ daughter
He made the wine out of water
He was there when Peter crossed on the raging sea
And He fed the little sparrow and
He put the meal in the widow’s barrel
I’m tellin you God’s gonna do the same for you and me

You can hear them sing it here:  The song is called God’s gonna do the same.

Do you believe that God’s gonna miraculously take care of you?  Or do you simply believe that whatever happens is His will, and thus you can pray, but your prayer is not really gonna make a difference as far as what happens?  I mean, if it’s His will, He’s gonna do it, right?  Or did Abraham really convince God to check and see if five people were righteous?  Did Moses really change God’s mind?  What about the healings, the raisings, the battles, the droughts, the rains, etc, etc…  Were the prayers and the faith necessary?  Do we have that kind of faith today?

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