So we went to the Reptile Expo

It was neat.  I think we all enjoyed it more than we enjoyed the Landscape and Outdoor Living Show.

This guy is huge… at least four feet long.  He was not for sale, is nearly as long as he’ll get, but he’s only about 60% of his max size.  He’s already over 50 pounds, now, if memory serves me well.  That’s a big lizard.  He’s a variety of Black Throated Monitor.

Anyway, we went down Sunday afternoon, March 11th.  It was in a hotel outside Wichita (can’t do it in Wichita b/c Wichita has a ban on boas and pythons).  It was $5 to get in, and I think we all considered it worth the price though we didn’t buy anything.  I was willing to spend a bit if we saw something that really got to us, as we’ll need to replace Josiah’s carpet python soon.

Andrew enjoyed the show…

Gracie came away with a desire to get a Leopard Gecko.

We got to pet a live (and friendly) alligator.

Andrew also got to hold a baby Ball Python.  This one is a ‘normal’ ball, There were many different coloring variations on display, and ball pythons for sale from $30 for a normal like this one, up to $1000 for one of the rare color patterns.  They become a collectible item with the rare colors.

There were 20+ vendors in a good sized conference room, and we spent close to an hour and a half.  We were most interested in the Leopard Geckos (Grace), a Rosy Boa (Jonathan), a baby Sulcata Tortoise (also Jonathan), a Red Uromastyx (Laurel), a Ball Python (Stephen, Kate, and Andrew).  There was also an impressive selection of Crested Geckos.  They look like really good beginner pets.  I think the Geckos are beginner lizard pets, much like the Ball Pythons are beginner snake pets.

I think we’ll make it a point to go to more of these shows in the future.


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