Upgrading websites…

Well… it was time to upgrade our websites….  we’ve got 6 that I manage, and they were all at least one version behind (dotnetnuke is an opensource web content management system, and periodically there are significant official changes).

So… I decide to upgrade them, starting with our personal site first (this one!)  I shut it down (so visitors don’t mess it up) and start updating files.  After enabling it again, I browse to it and get “Server Application Error”.  A few small changes, finding out that some files didn’t upload correctly, and everything works.  Not Bad.

Second site…   www.smdcomputerservices.com.  Our test site.  Upgrade fails completely…. it seems a module I was testing was done incorrectly, and now the site won’t upgrade.  Bummer.  Fortunately it’s a test site, so wiping it and starting over is no big deal.  Well… it’s now redone.  All good there.

Third, smdservicesllc.com.  Business site… very little use at this point, but it’s upgrade went perfect.

Three down, three to go…

And then I need to spend some time on skins, general content updates on this site (finish the Gospel pages), and maybe eventually learn to write my own modules.

For now, though, I think it’s time to go watch some more Doctor Who, and then do some getting ready for our Thanksgiving Feast.

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