Work is a bit slow…

but, hopefully we’ll get things sped back up.  We’re planning on heading to North Carolina Oct 25 and staying about a week, then hitting Florida to visit L’s family there.  I’ll probably get some work in with Wayne while we’re there.

So it wasn’t my sciatic nerve.  The chiropractor (Dr Mary) had me lay on my back and she checked both legs for movement and strength.  My right couldn’t turn in at all, hardly.  She worked on it for maybe five minutes and I had pretty much full range of movement again.  Not much pain at all since then, though I figured the pain would slowly go away slowly…  Glad I was wrong.

I did get our wall partly built.  I need to find a window now, or decide what size of window we want.  Kind of a dilemma b/c I could probably get one cheap from Lowe’s if I catch it right in timing from when someone mis-measures and they have to sell a special order window at a deep discount.  So, I don’t know what to do… might finish the part I’ve got studs for, and wait on the rest.

A little more background:  I run a small kinship in the game Lord of the Rings Online.  We’ve got, at the moment, maybe 20 to 25 people in our kinship, and it takes a bit of time to keep things going there.  I may occasionally mention in-game happenings, like the patch this month where we (finally!) gain a kinship hall.  It’s a pretty major benefit to us, so we’re pretty excited (seems strange since it’s all just a virtual thing).

Well… time to go do something.  😉

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